Data Management

Direct and digital marketing initiatives that hit the target begin with clean, deep data. That's why Kelmscott Communications provides a full range of data management services, from simple list preparation to insightful predictive analytics.

Clients look to us for assistance across the full spectrum of data management functions.

  • Data sourcing—reviewing and procuring the right lists for any campaign.
  • Data cleanse—removing duplicate records, assuring list consistency and accuracy.
  • Mail prep—updating with national change of address (NCOA) data, assuring coding accuracy and applying intelligent mail bar codes.
  • List append—adding social and demographic data to drive more targeted messaging and contact strategies.
  • Predictive analytics and data segmentation—drawing insights from data to target messages and offers to the right contacts at the right time, thereby maximizing the potential for response.
  • Campaign analytics—learning as much as possible from the timing, volume and patterns of responders (and nonresponders) to inform future efforts.
  • Process improvement and change management—streamlining how data is acquired and entered.

Online and off, effective communications begin with the right list. Kelmscott can help you pinpoint the most promising recipients for your message, to maximize your budgets and assure strong returns on your investment. For data management support from simple list procurement to detailed predictive analytics, look to Kelmscott.